Sunday, April 8, 2012

Process Book, Blog, Process Book Blog?

Danny Monz's Arts will now be a process book blog, which will be updated daily with thumbnails, sketches, concept art, roughs, rants etc... Lately, I've noticed that keeping a process book (whether I'm doing pages or writing scripts) really helps my creative process. It allows me to keep track of my thoughts and write down my frustrations in order to get them out of my head! I stumbled upon this technique when taking Visual Storytellings 1 and 2 (Thanks Larison). So I figured, why not just put it online? I mean everything else in the world is now right? Anyway, enough with the ranting. For my portfolio you can now visit or just scroll down to older posts on this blog. It has been a while since I posted an update for "No Such Thing As Normal" so here are the loose pencils for page 7.
The inks for this page are finished I Will post this project as a web comic, one page update per week upon completion of chapter 0 (Chapter 0 will be a 15 page mini/preview comic). Currently I am working on page 8 of the 15 page mini that will be finished and printed as my senior project. I am also currently writing a graphic novel entitled "Absent Standard" Which I will be working on once NSTAN chapter 0 is completed. Enjoy!

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